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Global Companions Commission

Report to Convention 2021

Our Baptismal Covent calls us to “seek and serve Christ in all persons, strive for Justice and Peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being”. The Global Companions Commission (GCC) celebrates and supports individuals, congregations, and communities as they engage in mutual ministry and partnerships locally, nationally and internationally to raise up and empower the marginalized and underserved people of God.

This year of pandemic we have been meeting virtually by zoom. To date we have made the following three grants from our budget of $2,500.00.

1, $500.00 donation to the Global Episcopal Mission Network (GEMN). GEMN exists to equip and encourage Episcopalians to participate and be transformed through God’s Mission in cross–cultural Contexts.

2, $ 245.00 for registration for people from DioCal to attend the annual Global Mission Conference for mission activists throughout the world. This virtual conference was held April 22-24, 2021-titled Earth Keeping: Creation Care in Global Mission. To learn more about GEMN check out the GEMN website ( GEMN.0rg).

3, $500.00 to Episcopal Relief and Development for Haiti Earthquake relief. 

The GCC also has a custodial fun composed of occasional donations and funds remaining from the Companion Diocese relationship in Curitiba, Brazil .

This year we also donated $1,725.00 from the Custodial fund, to sponsor Ryan Macias, a third year student at CDSP, to participate in a delegation to El Salvador in November 2021. The goal of the trip is to educate the delegation members on the Liberation History of the country, foster partnerships /relationships with Eco-Justice, LGBTQ leaders, and activists who continue organizing work. It was agreed that the grant proposal includes several elements that the GCC would like to include in our work- connections with Latino communities both locally and in El Salvador, possibilities for prayer partnerships, communication between local people and GCC members, creative use of current technology, and possibilities for educational programs involving the larger diocesan community. Details of specific interaction /events before, during and after the trip will be coordinated by GCC and delegation members. For more information about how you might get involved please contact Melissa or Mary Louise at the GCC. 


- Mary Louise Gotthold –

- Melissa Ridlon-

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