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Commission on Peace, Justice, and Hunger

Report to Convention 2021

Diocesan Commission on Peace, Justice, and Hunger: 2021 Mini-Grants


The Diocese of California Commission on Peace, Justice and Hunger (PJH) is the activist arm of the Diocese of California that engages with, supports and promotes grass-root organizations that have boots-on-the-ground working to bring peace, advocate for justice and/or eliminate hunger for their communities.  The Commission is grounded and guided by our Baptismal Covenants which call us: 

“To strive for justice and peace among all people and the dignity of every human being.”TheCommission supports and encourages this work through mini-grants to groups in the Diocese that focus on social justice and poverty issues.

The $500 mini-grant recipients so far in 2021 are:

Adamika Village  which supports victims of violence, and works tirelessly to bring peace to the streets. 


Vision Quilt, who work with youth in the community to produce Peace In The Streets banners as one way to inspire, change and to invite members of the Oakland community to get involved in creating peace in one of the most impacted neighborhoods of Oakland.


Soldiers Against Violence Everywhere , West Oakland group that was founded in 2011 to stop the silence surrounding Oakland’s homicides. SAVE brings people, bullhorns and signs to street corners near where people have been killed, lifts up the names of those who have died, and calls for an end to this violence.


Khadafy Washington Project In 2000, Marilyn Harris’s son Khadafy was shot and killed on the campus of the West Oakland high school he attended. Since then. Marilyn has devoted her life to helping other families of victims. This mini-grant goes to help fund a family Christmas gift-giving party for the families, where coats are given to the children.


St. John the Evangelist. San Francisco St. John’s has partnered again with The Gubbio Project ( to offer daytime hospitality and “sacred sleep” for unhoused neighbors, The building is again humming with activity and soft snoring from Monday-Friday starting at 6am. This mini-grant will be used to help make needed building repairs.

St. Paul’s Pantry of Hope offers wholesome food resources free of charge to community members in need.  Participants received 3 bags of groceries two times per month totaling 80 individuals each distribution.


Mini-Grant Applications




There is still one $500 minigrant that has not been awarded! Applications from small, local nonprofits are encouraged. For an application, or if you have questions or would like to join the Commission, please email


Join Us 

PHJ is always welcoming new members to come and join us in supporting this important work.  If you are interested, please contact us at

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